Cyrus Force Typical Letter to Senators

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For the attention of Senator xxxxxxxx                    Date:xxxx
Subject: Letter of Request for Appearance

Dear Senator xxxxxx,
We, the Iranian Americans of Cyrus Force, left our birth country, Iran, due to a Constitution that was imposed upon our countrymen by the Ayatollahs.
We now find that we must have the privilege of bringing this to your attention today and asking for a voice in the Senate. We believe that bringing this to your attention is the only manner in which Iranian Americans can facilitate the downfall of the repressive and murderous regime of the Ayatollahs, with the help of the American government.

Please bear with us as we explain.
In contrast to the American constitution of freedoms of speech and peaceful protest, the Iranian Constitution includes many pro-terrorism sentiments included in which, but not limited to, are anti-American and anti-Israel rhetoric. Due to this, we believe that a change in the Iranian constitution is the first step in removing this murderous regime.  
The true nature of the Ayatollah's Constitution came to the surface when they took American hostages for 444 days. Since then, they have been committing these types of cruel acts of inhumanity, including incarcerating and murdering innocents. Due to these precise actions, we, as Iranian Americans have two issues on our mind when thinking about the US policy in the Middle East.
1.    The first is the security of Israel- This should be the number one policy of the U.S. administration in the Middle East, no matter who is in the White House or Congress. Israel is, a quote from President Regan, “The strategic treasure of the United States”, it is also the only democracy in the Middle East.
2.    The second is the balance of power, human rights, and freedoms of the peoples of the Middle East.
In light of these two all-consuming global issues, let us look at the two ideologies of Wahhabism all over the World and Shia Iran who are imminent threats to Israel. It would indeed be a long discussion to argue which one is worse for Israel.
However, it has been argued and proved in the book "Imagine! The Fall of the Ayatollah's Constitution”, that full recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia will eliminate both threats to Israel forever. The beginning chapters of the book describe the intent of the Wahabi, Suni, and Shia sects of Islam. The book states” If a gun with one bullet is in the hand of a Wahabi and four people, Israeli, Christian, Bahai, and Shia stand In front of him”, The Wahabi will use that one bullet to kill the Shia.
By mentioning this quote, we mean that the Wahabis will never relinquish their religious power, but we can manage to change the religious fervor that fuels the atrocities brought upon the people of Iran by helping to change the rule that had been put into place some 70 years ago.
The hatred between religions is so extensive and never-ending in that part of the world and because of this tribal hatred, there are no other tools or means left for the people of Iran to get rid of the Ayatollahs in Iran, except, for a narrative in the U.S. Senate to help the Iranian people change the Constitution in Iran that will eliminate the hatred, and terrorism.  
In lieu of this, we would like you to become familiar with these specific sections of the Iranian constitution that we feel are particularly egregious.
1. The Introduction- Introducing anti-American rhetoric and demanding that the world convert to Islam.
2. Article 11- Institution of Jihad and Islamic custom
3. Article 14- Retribution of non-respect, and Jihad
4. Article 57- The governing powers in Iran, the legislative, the executive, and the judiciary powers operate under the supervision and absolute authority of the religious leadership of “the community of believers”, the Islamic Republic
5. Article 60- The executive powers are exercised by the President of the Republic and his ministers, except in the affairs that are directly related to the leadership in Article 57, Meaning that all law is exercised by the Supreme Ayatollah Leader.
6. Article 144- The Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran must be an Islamic army, committed to the Ideology of Islam, with individuals who are true to and devoted to the goals of the Islamic revolution.
7. Article 151- This is a call to arms for the people to fight against all who do not believe in their religious ideals.
8. Article 154- Supports the struggle of the oppressed for their right to get rid of the oppressor anywhere in the world called Jihad.
As you can see the Constitution is directly influential in creating chaos and hatred in the world of non-Islamists and therefore changing the constitution is the first step in normalizing and creating a democracy for all the inhabitants of Iran who desperately want this democracy and normalization.
Today we, as Iranian Americans, are writing to you, our Senators emphasizing the key to the removal of the Ayatollahs from power and the key to the Saudi's recognition of Israel starts with a change of the Iranian Constitution. We are hoping with your guidance we can make this happen.
We believe that when our Senators and the US Administration object to the Anti-American and Pro-Terrorist sentences in the Iranian Constitution, the US policy will be in harmony with the Iranian Youth and Girls, who are presently protesting articles 5 and 8 of the Constitution which constitutes the rights and freedoms of Iranian humanity.
The US Intelligent Agencies know, and Henry Kissinger wrote: “A democratic regime in Iran makes this nation the most natural ally of the United States of America.”
Therefore, we are requesting your assistance in this matter and asking you for an audience with us to address these issues as quickly as possible.

April 16, 2024 

To the esteemed members of the U.S. Congress, both Republican and Democrat,

I, John Naimi, wish to take this opportunity to express my deep concern regarding the current situation in Iran.
I write to you as the Coordinator of Cyrus Force, a freedom fighter group striving for the liberation of Iran from the toxic grip of fanatics, whose hands are stained with the blood of innocents.
Since the mournful day of February 11, 1979, when the radicals deposed the ex-Shah of Iran, the region became unstable, fraught with war, crime and terror.
Friends, we belong to an ancient civilization, tracing back to the earliest days of human history.
Our former leaders, such as Cyrus the Great, were renowned for preserving lives rather than taking them. They rescued Jewish captives from Babylonian prisons and championed peace and human rights throughout their reigns.
Despite enduring numerous invasions, we have always persevered as proud Persians. However, over 1400 years ago, militant invaders razed our monuments, desecrated our libraries, raped our women, and enslaved our youth.
In 1979, the Guadeloupe Conference orchestrated events that resulted in over three million martyrs and countless atrocities committed by the Mullahs.
Since then, war, crime, and terror has only intensified.
The Mullahs' rule has brought about poverty by expelling our educated populace and sponsoring terrorism in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. 

We urge you to heed the voices of the Iranian people, once among the world's wealthiest and most cultured nations but now impoverished and starving.
They perceive the Mullahs as proxies of the West, shielded by Western military forces or allies, who crave for a deal that could never exist beyond fantasy.
When will the West support the Iranian people's quest for democracy and humanitarian governance?
Instead, they fear the Mullahs’ destabilization of the region, allowing for the opening of markets for Western arms manufacturers and securing oil interests. 
We at Cyrus Force – representing the aspirations of innocent Iranians – pledge to collaborate with Western and global powers to spread love and peace worldwide, free from the stain of the terror, hate, and bloodshed that the Ayatollahs and Mullahs brought to our beautiful land.
Spare Iran the turmoil of the past transgressions and horrors of 1953 and 1979.
We Persians reject terror and its supporters and instead champion peace and humanity, transcending race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, or wealth.
Let us unite for the good of all.
We implore you to help our people, who have been oppressed and demoralized for far too many years.
Then, we will be able to experience peace in the Middle East and beyond.
On behalf of the Iranian people, 

Qumars (John) Naimi
Cyrus Force

April 22, 2024

هموطن گرامی

پیروان کوروش در داخل ایران با هدف تغییر قانون اساسی که وسیله تغییر رژیم در ایران است، اکنون فقط نگاهشان به "سایروس فورس" در آمریکا میباشد

برای کسب اطلاعاتی که بیش از بیست سال است پیروان کوروش در ایران و خارج از ایران برای رسیدن به این هدف فعالیت میکرده اند به وب سایت "سایروس فورس دات ارگ" و "قانون دات ارگ" مراجعه کنید

متأسفانه در خارج از ایران آپوزیسیون ها صرفاً با شعارهای تند و نامه نگاری های قانونی مدعی براندازی رژیم آخوندی بوده اند که کافی نبوده و در طول چهل و پنج سال گذشته ثابت شده که چنین روشهایی اصلا اثر گذار نیست

آن ها که مدعی داشتن هدف سرنگونی رژیم آخوندی هستند، اگر درباره وسیله از آنها سوال شود، جواب های انحرافی مثل حمله نظامی، گرفتن وکالت، رفراندوم، نافرمانی مدنی، اتحاد، روشنگری، بیداری مردم، پیام های جور وا جور نوین، همگی مردم ایران را سرکار گذاشته اند، تاکه آخوندها به جنایت و غارتشان ادامه بدهند

آخوندها بعد از خدعه قانون اساسی ولایت فقیه از سال 1358 با رساندن اکثریت مردم ایران به ورطه فقر و فلاکت و ایجاد بحران در خاورمیانه، خودشان را فاتح ایران بعد از 1400 سال دانسته و این بار به جای ارسال غنیمت ها به مکه و مدینه، دزدی های خودشان را در بانک های غربی میسپارند

علاوه بر خیانت و جنایتشان در حق مردم ایران، رژیم آخوندی با ایجاد بحران و ترور، بزرگترین خدمتگزار به صنایع نظامی دنیا بوده و به خاطر سپردن دزدی ها و غارت ایران دربانک های خارجی، هیچ دولت و کشوری در جهان مایل به برانداختن آنها نیست

 برادران عرب تحقیر شده در طول تاریخ، از فقر و فلاکت مردم ایران لذت میبرند، تاکه هویت تازه ای از خودشان به دنیا معرفی کنند

برادران ترک مغول (تورانیان) به جای ایران مرکز توزیع گاز در منطقه شده اند و با حربه آب از اینکه به دوران خلافت عثمانی میتوانند برگردند لذت میبرند

برادران قوم یهود (فرزندان استر) که در طول تاریخ از زمان مادها ( سه هزار سال پیش) ایران میهنشان بوده و نصف بیشتر تورات از کتاب عزرا و کوروش تا کتاب دانیال، پیامبرانشان شاهان ایران بوده اند، در چهل و پنج سال گذشته رژیم تروریست آخوندی ایران دشمن اصلی اسرائیل در منطقه شده است. ولی دشمنی بی خطر آخوندها با اعراب و اسرائیل باعث شده که تنفر ذاتی اعراب از اسرائیل به دوستی دولتهایشان تبدیل شود. شکی نیست که بعد از رفتن رژیم آخوندی از ایران، مردم ایران و اسرائیل به حالت طبیعی دوستی دوران قدیمشان بر خواهند گشت

چهل و پنج سال بحران سازی و تروریست پروری آخوندها بزرگترین فرار مغزها و ثروت ایران را به غرب آورده، که در طول تاریخ جهان بی سابقه و بی نظیر است

روس ها که در زمان قاجارها ایران را با انگلستان نصف کرده بودند، اکنون ایران آخوند زده را مستعمره خودشان کرده، که اگر در مبارزه با غرب پیروز شوند، پیروزی برای روس میباشد و اگر شکست بخورند، مسئول و ضرر آن بر گردن ملت ایران خواهد بود

چین نفت ارزان به خاطر تحریم از ایران میگیرد و تنها خدمتش به ایران پایان دادن به درگیری اعراب و آخوندها در یمن بوده است

بنابراین مگر اعراب و تورانیان و اسرائیل و غرب و روس و چین و سایر کشورها مغز خر خورده اند که این گاو شیرده، آخوندهای حاکم بر ایران را از دست بدهند و بخواهند رژیم آخوندی از ایران برود؟

در مورد قانون اساسی، البته که آمریکا و اسرائیل قانون اساسی آخوندها را خوانده اند

البته که آمریکا و اسرائیل میدانند که به صراحت در قانون اساسی آخوندها نوشته شده، قانون اساسی ایران برای دشمنی و شکست آمریکا و مبارزه با منافع آمریکا و دشمنی با اسرائیل نوشته شده است

ولی چون صنایع نظامی مهمترین منبع درآمد غرب و شرق میباشد، حذف رژیم آخوندهای بحران ساز و تروریست پرور، حتما غرب و شرق را مثل اواخر دهه هفتاد نزدیک به ورشکستگی خواهد کرد

تمام این موشگ پرانی ها و جنگ های نیابتی و غیره چیزی جز خمیه شب بازی و نمایش برای مشغول نگه داشتن مردم نیست، تا که آخوندها به غارت خودشان ادامه بدهند و صنایع نظامی هم تولیدات خودشان را بفروشند

نتیجتاٌ، امسال و سالهای آینده دنیا وارد دوران جدید هوش مصنوعی (اِ آی) شده و تروریسم آینده بمب کمربندی، یا ماشین انفجای، یا جنگ های نیابتی نخواهد بود

تروریسم آینده با هوش مصنوعی نیازمند سرمایه های چندین صد ملیارد دلاری است که فقط در اختیار دولت های بزرگ و آلیگارشی های ثروتمند رژیم آخوندها میباشد

در آینده حماس، حوثی، حزب الله، و بقیه شبکه های تروریستی، به نیابت آخوندها با آمریکا و اسرائیل نخواهند جنگید! بلکه نسل دوم آخوندها بدون عمامه و با ریش تراشیده با ثروتی بیش از یک هزار ملیارد دلار در غرب از نیوزلاند تا لندن و کانادا و آمریکا تبعه کشورهای غربی شده و طبق اصل پنج قانون اساسی وقتی ولی فقیه فرمان بدهد، این نسل دوم آخوندها با هوش مصنوعی بلائی به سر آمریکا و اسرائیل خواهند آورد که حمله یازده سپتامبر و هفت اکتبر گاردن پارتی به نظر خواهد رسید

"سایروی فورس" آمریکا مدتهاست که پیشنهادی به دولتمردان آمریکا داده است

اول، یک بحث حقیقت یابی در سنای آمریکا که تصمصم گیرنده سیاست خارجی آمریکا میباشد درباره قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران شروع شود و هشت مورد نکات ضد آمریکائی و تروریست پرور این قانون اساسی مورد شور و بررسی قرار بگیرد

دوم، تحریم هوشمندانه روی غارتگران ایران که همگی معتقد به اصل پنج قانون اساسی (ولایت فقیه) هستند و با سرمایه ای بیش از یک هزار ملیارد دلار در غرب تبعه کشورهای محل اقامتشان شده اند

این دو پیشنهاد "سایروس فورس" به دولتمردان آمریکا میباشد

 دوستان ما در آمریکا خودشان در هر ایالتی که مقیم هستند، میتوانند با نام و نشان خودشان نامه گلیشه ای (تیپکال) که در وب سایت سایروس فورس گذاشته شده به دولتمردان آمریکائی در همان ایالت بنویسند

ما به دنبال جمع آوری امضا و یا عضو و یا پیرو یا پشتیبان و یا تشکیل حزب و گروه و کنگره و انجمن نیستیم

پیشنهاد میکنیم که هر ایرانی آمریکائی و یا ایرانی مقیم آمریکا که پیشنهاد دیگری دارد، ما را راهنمائی کند و نظر خودشان را بنویسند

به امید آزادی ایران

کیومرث نعیمی    جواد فخار زاده   سهراب چمن آرا

May 8, 2024

Dear compatriots,

We hereby inform our fellow countrymen that there existed a once-secret but now openly acknowledged deep friendship between the Ayatollahs' regime and America.

Both entities protect each other's interests in the Middle East.

The mission of the Ayatollahs, who are favored by the world's military industries, is to aid the consumption and sale of weapons by creating crises, while America neutralizes any threat against the Ayatollahs' Regime outside Iran.

America's 100% support for sects that pose no threat to the Ayatollahs' regime abroad is the rationale behind America's support for the Regime.

However, this year, the political climate in America may change.

Our endeavor at Cyrus Force America (followers of Cyrus) is to persuade the American government to discuss Iran's constitution in the Senate, by presenting eight instances of enmity with America that the Islamic Republic exploits to incite terrorism and armed confrontation with America's interests and allies.

Should the American government decide to alter the behavior of Iran's Ayatollahs regime, Smart Sanctions should be imposed on Iran's profiteers! We advocate refraining from the current form of sanctions, which perpetuates the poverty and suffering of the Iranian nation while enriching the exploitative Ayatollahs.

In the hope of Iran's freedom,

هموطن گرامی

بدینوسیله به اطلاع هم میهنان گرامی میرسانیم  که دوستی پنهانی و اکنون آشکار و عمیقی بین رژیم آخوندی و آمریکا وجود دارد

 هردو در خاورمیانه حافظ منافع یکدیگر هستند

رسالت آخوندها، محبوب صنایع نظامی دنیا، با ایجاد بحران به مصرف و فروش اسلحه کمک میکنند و آمریکا هرگونه تهدیدی علیه نظام آخوندی را ازبین میبرد

حمایت صد در صد آمریکا از فرقه های بی خطر برای نظام آخوندی در خارج کشور دلیل حمایت آمریکا از رژیم آخوندهاست

ولی امسال ممکن است هوای سیاسی در آمریکا عوض شود

کوشش ما در سایروس فورس آمریکا (پیروان کوروش ) آنست که با نشان دادن هشت مورد دشمنی با آمریکا و ایجاد تروریسم و مقابله مسلحانه با منافع و دوستان آمریکا در قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی، دولت آمریکا را متقاعد کنیم که گفتمان قانون اساسی ایران را در سنای آمریکا شروع کند

 اگر دولت آمریکا تصمیم به تغییر رفتار رژیم آخوندی ایران بگیرد، باید تحریم های اساسی وهوشمندانه آمریکا روی غارتگران ایران گذاشته شود! و از تحریم ها به صورت کنونی که باعث فقر و فلاکت ملت ایران و ثروتمند شدن آخوندهای غارتگر میشود، خودداری کنند

این ویدئو گوشه ای از ثروت آقازاده ها را در کشور ایران نشان میدهد که هفتاد درصد مردم آن زیر خط فقر هستند

غارت آقازاده ها 

به امید آزادی ایران

کیومرث نعیمی  

جواد فخار زاده   

سهراب چمن آرا

Morning Intelligence Report

MG Paul Vallely, US Army (Ret)

And John Naimi


Iran – US Relations

May 30, 2024


A fascinating dispute between Senator Cruz and Secretary Blinken


The argument about who would handle the Ayatollah’s regime better, Republicans or Democrats, is of grave interest today than at any other time in the 45 years of Ayatollah’s regime. Let’s briefly review the forty-five years of the Ayatollahs’ regime governance: Republicans have been in power for 24 years and Democrats for 21 years, almost equal; now let’s review their report cards: 

During this period, has there been any change regarding the stability or the behavior of the Ayatollah’s regime? None that we can be proud of! Because neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have any control over the behavior of the Ayatollahs’ regime despite hundreds of economic sanctions against the government by both parties. 

They are observing that the behavior of the Ayatollahs’ regime is directly reflected in their Constitution, which was drawn up just three months after they accumulated power in Iran.

The immediate aftermath of that Constitution was the invasion of the American Embassy in Tehran and the taking of American hostages for 444 days, and the US could do nothing about it! The Americans engineered the eight-year useless war with Iraq, followed by many other proxy wars, terrorist activities, and so on, and still, the US has been unable to restrain Mullah’s regime. 

Since the last century, there have been grave strategy changes in the capitalist world's waging war tradition, led by the US, around the globe based on religious reasons or rivalries between neighboring countries. Wars in recent centuries have been created for economic reasons for those who created them. 

When World War II ended, President Eisenhower made a historic statement: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” 

He predicted what was coming. Two years before the Shah handed over Iran to Ayatollah Khomeini, the Shah said: “They want me to attack Iraq! But Saddam is my brother. How can I attack him?” A year after the Shah left Iran, in an interview with David Frost when, the latter asked, “Was there a time you’d privately asked yourself that I may have to leave before anyone else suggesting to you that it was the end of an era or the time to go?” The Shah responded: “I was not thinking it was the time to go; rather, I was thinking of an end, his ultimate departure from Iran.” During his reign, the Shah had deep religious beliefs and connections to the spiritual hierarchy and paid them monthly. 

Neither the Shah nor the people of Iran,  President Carter,  the people of the United States, nor the people of countries neighboring Iran knew why a prosperous country like Iran, along with everything its people had, was thrown into a garbage bin.

In 1975, South Korean automobile industry workers conducted internships in Iran. Iran was ahead of South Korea Industrially. Foreign workers in the rich Arab States neighboring Iran used to come to Iran for weekend holiday entertainment.

During the 70s, Iran was the envy of the Arab States, but it reversed course after the 1979 revolution. The friendship between the people of Iran and Israel is historical and goes back many centuries! But the hostility between Arabs and Israel has a root of 1400 years! Thanks to the Ayatollahs, the hostility of Arab Governments has reversed, and the last step will be the recognition of Israel by Saudi Arabia. 

“Ayatollahs coming to power was not an act of God; neither Democrats, nor the Republicans, nor oil companies, nor a conspiracy of Western and Eastern Governments, nor the people of Iran had any role in it.” It was the best alternative to divert the nuclear conflict of the Military Industrial Complex, the driving engine of the economics of the industrial countries of the world, into a regional conflict by using Iran as a source of crisis. 

When the Military Industrial Complex benefits, the oil Industry, the banking system, insurance companies, and the New York Stock Exchange will benefit, and consequently, everybody will help except the people of Iran. Whenever there is a crisis in the Middle East, oil prices go up, bringing the price of gasoline in America, Canada, and the North Sea up to par with Middle East oil. Who must pay higher insurance!? Naturally, the West and Russia will benefit. 

Corrupt Ayatollahs have benefited from US sanctions by going around them, and all their profits and stolen assets have been deposited in foreign banks, which are controlled by the US and British banks.  The amount of stolen money from Iran and deposited in foreign banks now exceeds one thousand billion dollars.

In the last 45 years, Iran has been a goose laying a golden egg for the United States, Israel, Arab States, and the rest of the World. The only losers have been the people of Iran. Therefore, in the eyes of the beholder? / (as far as the Iranian people are concerned), it makes no difference if Republicans or Democrats are in the White House!

The Ayatollahs will continue to remain in power as long as the current rhetoric by the Republicans and Democrats continues and the US tries by its present form of sanctions to change the behavior of the Ayatollahs.

However, as the late Henry Kissinger said after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, “The world has changed, and nothing is predictable.” Furthermore, with the coming of AI (Artificial Intelligence) for sale?? With the Ayatollahs’ cronies (oligarchs) spreading all over the world with assets worth more than one thousand billion dollars, the US must abandon the rhetoric between Democrats and Republicans over the Ayatollahs’ regime and decide instead which is more valuable: the Constitution of the Ayatollahs’ terrorist regime, or the interests of the Military Industrial Complex? 

US Senators and the White-house must start a narrative about the Ayatollahs’ Constitution, which is the root of all crisis and terrorism, rather than how many barrels of oil per day Iran is selling.

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