The book will be published soon. In the meantime here is chapter 2 of the book

 Chapter two 

Cyrus Force’s Campaign in the West 

A Call to Action: Exposing the Iranian Regime’s Constitution and Fueling the Flames of Revolution 


In the wake of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution sweeping Iran, Cyrus Force offers a crucial perspective: the Iranian Constitution itself lies at the root of the regime’s oppression and its global threat. This report, not mere words on a page, but a clarion call, delves into the Ayatollahs’ hidden machinations of power, exposing their true agenda and urging the world to recognize the far-reaching consequences. 

The Deception Unmasked: 

For decades, a veil of false promises shrouded the Iranian regime. Western administrations and the Iranian people alike were lulled by Ayatollah Khomeini’s pronouncements of democracy and friendly relations. But April 1979 marked a turning point. With the ink barely dry on the Islamic Republic Constitution, the Ayatollah’s true nature came to light.

Article 5, granting him absolute power (Velayat-e-Faqih), sparked dissent even among religious figures like Ayatollah Taleghani, whose mysterious demise casts a long shadow. Article 8 authorized (and continues to authorize) violent suppression of women. 

A Legacy of Misery: 

From hostage-taking to regional war, the Iranian regime’s misdeeds are not isolated incidents. They flow directly from the very fabric of the Constitution, a document that thrives on poverty, misery, and crisis. These are not burdens the regime shares; they are its tools, fueling both internal control and external influence.

A Global Game of Shadows: 

Beyond the borders of Iran, the Ayatollahs play a dangerous game. The present Middle East crisis fosters an arms race and threatens ties between Arab states and Israel, both serving the regime’s strategic interests. But the most chilling aspect lies in the insidious web of international terrorism, woven into the Constitution itself. 

A Wake-Up Call for the World: 

Until October 7, 2023, the world could dismiss acts of terror as collateral damage. But the recent attack marks a new chapter. For forty years, the Ayatollahs have seeded sleeper cells, amassed wealth, and now, with the rise of artificial intelligence, their reach extends further than ever. Ignoring the pro-terrorist clauses in their Constitution is akin to sleepwalking into a nightmare. 

A Path Forward: 

The present sanctions, albeit well-intentioned, ultimately play into the regime’s hands. They impoverish the population while enriching the Ayatollahs’ cronies, who funnel their stolen wealth into Western banks. Instead, Cyrus Force proposes a targeted approach: "Smart Sanctions" directed at these individuals, disrupting their financial lifeline and triggering a domino effect within Iran.

By amplifying the narrative about the Constitution’s oppressive nature and supporting the Iranian people’s demand for Article 5 and 8 revisions, the world can ignite the flames of the "Woman, Life, Freedom" revolution. This is not a call for foreign intervention, but a plea for global recognition of the Iranian people’s struggle and the crucial role their Constitution plays in perpetuating it. 

Cyrus Force stands ready:

The next stage of the campaign unfolds within Iran itself. The people, empowered by awareness and global solidarity, will fight for their future. This report is not just an analysis, it is a torch passed to the world, urging action and solidarity. Let us stand with the Iranian people, not just in words, but in deeds, and witness the dawn of a new Iran, free from the shackles of a tyrannical constitution. 

It is important friends and foes to understand Cyrus Force mission and we write it in different way: 

Cyrus Force purpose in publishing this book, which its content randomly has been sent to American and European Politician is bringing the following messages from many Iranians to the attention of the American and European people: 

1-    Iranian people and even Western administrations were deceived by an unknown Ayatollah Khomeini from April 1978 until April 1979 by believing his speeches about democracy and maintaining friendly relation with West.

2-    After referendum of April 1979 and solidifying Islamic Republic Government in Iran, he started showing his true nature of his mind set, when the Assembly of Ayatollahs wrote the Islamic Republic Constitution. The Article 5 (Velayat e Faghih) which gave him an absolute power was opposed by many, even the most popular and kind Ayatollah Taleghani. But he was killed in a mysterious heart attack at September 16, 1979 and Article 5 was written in the Constitution at September 19.

3-    Inside Iran many things happened, which were not Western concern, but taking American hostage at US Embassy and Iran Iraq war was the direct consequence of the Islamic Constitution of Iran with Ayatollah’s consent. 

4-    From Autumn of 1979 up to now, every misdeed of the Iranian Government is according to its constitution.

5-    There are three issues, which has kept the Ayatollahs Regime in power: 1- Poverty, 2- Misery and 3- Crisis. These have made the life for majority of Iranian unbearable, but welcome and good source of income for West and East.

6-    Crisis in the Middle East has had two benefits: 1- boosting the arm race 2- bringing Arab Governments closer to Israel.

7-    The most important brunch of Crisis is International Terrorism against America and American Interest anywhere in the World, which has been indicated in 8 places in the Iranian Constitution.

8-    Until October 7, 2023 any act of Terrorism by the Ayatollahs regime could have been considered as collateral damage. But this should be a wake-up call that Ayatollahs for the last forty years have planted their Terrorist Sleeping Cells around the World with Billions of Dollars wealth and in the future when Artificial Intelligent will be for sale, they can bring more harm to the US than 911 God forbidden!

9-    America must be aware of the pro-terrorist sentences in the Ayatollahs Constitution.

10-Present form of sanctions is hearting Iranian Population and helping Ayatollahs to loot Iran, with the excuse of going around sanction and deposit their stolen assets in the Western Banks.

11-In Cyrus Force organization we believe if the US Admiration starts a narrative about the Ayatollahs Constitution and impose Smart Sanction on the cronies of Ayatollahs who have billions of Dollars wealth in the West, it will cause a domino effect on the “Woman Life Freedom” revolution inside Iran and it will boost their demand for the change of Article 5 and Article 8 which are the core of this ongoing revolution in Iran. 

12-We at Cyrus Force are prepare for the next stage of our campaign, which will be inside Iran and it does not need any help and interference from outside borders of Iran.